Shawn Ireland : Featured Artist

Our featured artist for today is Shawn Ireland, a wood fired potter and a member of the “Penland Potters”.  In order to get to know the participating artists a little better, we asked them to answer a few questions…

[How long have you lived here? What brought you here? Where did you grow up?]

17 years. Took a class at penland with Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin in 1991. Lancaster, PA

[What type of work do you make?  Have you always made this type of work? What is your favorite part of the process? Why?  What are three words that describe your work?]

I make Wood fired stoneware pots incorporating a variety of local clay and glaze materials. I love the unpredictability and surprises promoted by unrefined, hand processed materials and wood firing. My pots are rustic and earthy, inspired by worldwide folk pottery traditions and aesthetics of the Leach-Hamada school introduced to me by Ruggles and Rankin.

[Do you collect something other than pottery?  Is there a particular object or designer that you find intriguing?]

I surround myself with old European folk craft, African art and 60’s Modern Danish Design furniture and cookware.

[Have you traveled recently and found inspiration?]

I have traveled quite a bit in Italy with University of GA study abroad program as a Visiting Artist. Archaic Mediterranean art and pottery has been a huge recent influence.

[Can you describe a pot you have lived with for more than 5 years, and share why it is important to you?]

I love living with Italian folk pots( early 1900’s). I continue to be inspired by their retained soft clay-like quality.

[Do you play a musical instrument or sport?]

I enjoying making noise in my living room with a variety of instruments.

Check out Shawn’s website for more information.

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