Mark Peters : Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is Mark Peters of Pine Root Pottery. Mark’s pottery is located in Buladean, NC just down the road from the state line between NC and TN. It’s in the shadow of Roan Mountain and the long view from his shop are certainly an inspiration!

Since graduating with a MFA degree in 1997 from the University of Tennessee, he has been working as a self-employed potter, teacher, and kiln designer. Mark’s work has been featured in many books and magazines and his pots have been displayed in ceramic shows throughout the country.

From a recent  article on Mark,

I make wheel-thrown, wood-fired functional pottery.  Each piece is made by hand—a lot of the work is altered or assembled off the wheel. My work is a collaboration between me, the clay, and the fire.  I work with the clay’s inherent qualities to make objects that are complimented through the wood firing. Processes in nature such as wind, gravity, and erosion inspire my work.  Each pot is organic and loose in form while bold and defined in structure. Wood firing is an intensive process, physically demanding but worth the work.  Wood fired pots demand attention and respect.  They have unique characteristics that make each pot one of a kind.

Mark is currently on the Board of Directors at the Energy xChange in Burnsville, as well as an adjunct professor at Appalachian State University in Boone!  Mark was also a founding member of the Potter’s of the Roan.

This guy stays busy! Come see and hold Mark’s pots at the show!

Meanwhile you can go to Mark’s web site to see a plethora of videos he has produced that feature techniques, kiln building, etc.

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